Monday, February 23, 2009

Busy Busy Busy!

Well this semester has been keeping me really busy so far. I have been taking classes that require me to do a lot of work and it already seems like it is the final week, even tho it isn't even half way through the semester yet. Not only that but I have been working on getting my portfolio and website ready to start applying for summer jobs, internships and freelance. You guys can check out my website here. I am still working on it and still have some more to add to it including more of my sketchbook. Anyways while I was looking for pieces to post on my website if found this piece below. I thought it was funny and wanted to post it. It is a cat wizard. Anyways back to painting. Cheers!


heiDi said...

so cute!!!!!!!

Jongmee Kim said...

o...i thought it was a sleepy cat with one of those sleep hats you know..yes

Csmif said...

Tyler! I didn't know you had a blog! O_O

Tyler Scarlet said...

Heidi- Ha ha thank you!

Jongmee- No, it is a cat wizard. lol but i could see that.. even though it has a wand. :P

Chris- yeah I do! :D I didn't know you had one either! true story