Saturday, May 9, 2009

New painting!

Hey guys, here is a painting of a girl that I finished earlier this past semester! I tried out a different approach and I like how it turned out! I started out with an abstract brush and then went and finished it with a basic round brush in photoshop. :D

Also if you are going to be going to the Motor City Comic Con, May 15-17, make sure to stop by Draw Sucka Draw's table. They will be there all weekend selling our new book of sketches and such. Jongmee and I will be at their table selling prints all day Saturday! There will also be other artists from Draw Sucka Draw that will be there throughout the weekend, so make sure to stop by! You will also eventually be able to purchase the Draw Sucka Draw book online. I will link it when it is available. :D


Jongmee Kim said...

nice painting!
but sorry tyler I won't be there...
I'll visit on Saturday tho

Tyler Scarlet said...