Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Giant Robot and Etsy!!

Hey guys! Here is a one of my recent digital paintings! It is a giant robot samurai that I painted it in photoshop. It was quite fun messing around with depth and textures.

Also I finally got my online shop going and have a few different prints on there right now!! I will be putting up some cards and other small prints over the next week or so. Eventually I'll have some other cards, large prints, original artwork and more up there too!! :D I am glad I finally got it up and running though, I have wanting to get an online store going for a while now. I was looking up some different ways of selling my prints but ended up going with I have to work on it a little more on it but I like how it's looking! :D Also the first ten prints that are sold will be sent off with an original sketch of the character or something fun. Thanks guys!