Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jiraiya Post part2 - Sketches -

- Continuing from "Jiraiya Post part1" -
These are some of the sketches that I did when I was designing the new Jiraiya. I tried out a few different directions that I could go with his new design. First off I started out studying some different types of armor and doing drawings of them.

Then I went into designing his helm and armor. When drawing these I was thinking about how I could keep the essentials of the character but changing it to fit this different era. Jiriaya is a summoner who summons frogs so I tried to incorporate that into the design. I added frogs on the helm, chest and knees. I also tried to keep the overall shape of the original the same and just added elements of medieval armor.


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Jiraiya Post part3 is coming soon ha ha