Saturday, November 7, 2009

Jiraiya Post part3 - Final Entries -

These are my final entries for the Comic Con Challenge that was on! I had to do a final illustration of the character and also a rendered ortho! :D

This is my final illustration -

This is my final ortho -

PS. I will be posting more soon! :D


Emily Crowley said...

You know what I love? That his nose is slightly redder than the rest of his face. I love that Norman Rockwell/Liepke -esque red nose action! Also I'm diggin the armor design, and the texture in the frog. I can always tell a Tyler piece. Good job. I need to talk to you about digital renderings some time! My skills are severely lacking.

Tyler Scarlet said...

Thanks Emily! Its great to hear from you! :D Hope everything is going well in Italy. Yeah I'll have to show you some stuff when you get back! :D


heiDi said...

oh man- texture on the frog is amazing!!!!
tyler you need to post some ID stuff too!!!!

Tyler Scarlet said...

Thank you!! :D yeah I will be posting my ID stuff soon! I am making some process books for viscom and prod studio sooo I will finally have a digital copy of my ID artwork to post! :D