Monday, February 23, 2009

Busy Busy Busy!

Well this semester has been keeping me really busy so far. I have been taking classes that require me to do a lot of work and it already seems like it is the final week, even tho it isn't even half way through the semester yet. Not only that but I have been working on getting my portfolio and website ready to start applying for summer jobs, internships and freelance. You guys can check out my website here. I am still working on it and still have some more to add to it including more of my sketchbook. Anyways while I was looking for pieces to post on my website if found this piece below. I thought it was funny and wanted to post it. It is a cat wizard. Anyways back to painting. Cheers!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Open Canvas

Here are a few digital paintings that I did in Open Canvas a little bit ago. I was just messing around with different brushes and the program in general. I am like how they turned out. BTW the second one is a wip and I will be working on it more.

Also btw I uploaded the sketch that I am going to be painting for my header. It is a samurai on a cat!! Awesomeness I know!! True story.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Semester

Another semester has started (well.. 4 weeks ago) and I have been very busy with that lately. The classes that I am taking are quite difficult but I have been improving in my acrylic painting and marker rendering, which is really cool! I was very excited this past week when my marker renderings improved greatly over just one week! Besides working on projects using those medias I have also been keeping up with my digital painting. Here is a piece that I did for my Image Making which is a digital rendering class. We were supposed to basically just take a sketch and digitally paint it using Photoshop. I did this of corse but then took it into a program called Open Canvas (I painted the character in photoshop and the background in open canvas). The programs pretty fun and I'm liking it. I like messing around with other programs other than the main ones such as Photoshop and such.

But anyways I have a whole folder full of art work that I have been meaning to post and will be posting soon! I have also been working on changing my blog around and will be soon adding a new header, which should be fun.