Saturday, January 23, 2010

Massive update! Part Two - End of the Fall 09 Semester

This past fall semester was crazy! I had the most classes and studios I have ever taken in a semester! I had six classes, five of which were studios, on top of all the backgrounds I was producing for My Dad the Giant! It was crazy hard but I got a lot better at time management lol! I had a 3 Illustration painting classes, Invented Environments, Advanced Illustration Techniques and Book Cover Illustration, along with two Product Industrial Design classes, Freshman Product Studio and Vis Com II. I got a lot better at painting people, environments and painting digitally along with getting better at rendering and designing products! oh yeah I got better at perspective too ha ha... But anyways here are some of my Vis Com I and II sketches and renderings from last semester and the semester before!

I will post some of the other pieces from this semester eventually. I still want to touch some of them up! :D



Pia Nygaard Pedersen said...

cool, especially the nasa piece

Tyler Scarlet said...

Thank you! :D

heiDi said...

these are amazing tyler :D
nasa piece just blows my mind!!!
good job! my id buddy :)

Anonymous said...

Love your work & looking forward to seeing more!