Thursday, January 28, 2010

Self Portrait

Here is another piece that I did for my environments and characters class! I have been wanting to do a self portrait for a while now so it was really great to do this! The assignment was to just do a sketch but I ended up really getting into it and rendering the whole thing ha ha. Anyways here it is!



Csmif said...

sup tyluurrr.

youre still doin that pastey orange yellow thing that you were doing in eric's!!! Exaggerate the cools, get some more greens and blues in there either that or change the color of your lightsource. jus thinkin outloud or outtype or something...

Tyler Scarlet said...

Hey Chris!
Yeah I know I have to work on pushing some of my colors. I started to work yellows and such in my newer paintings. Someday I will get away from that fully! Anyways thanks for the crit man! :D Cheers!

Anonymous said...

yeah, this basically sums you up.
talking about yourself.
all the time.

Tyler Scarlet said...

ha ha thanks kari.. :P