Friday, May 21, 2010

Desert Oasis

These are sketches of a Desert Oasis city! They are of two different buildings that incorporate elements of the oasis into them. The first one has its own forest/garden oasis under it and is right next to the central lake. The second one is also on the holy lake and has stairs going right into it. These building are used for religious purposes and as a community gathering area.

These are some sketches that I did from reference that influenced the desert oasis' architecture.

These characters are mercenaries who use the desert oasis city for supplies and housing in between jobs and such. They are the Arabian Knights inspired by reading the Arabian Nights and looking at Arabian Nights Illustrated book. It's a really good book and can be found for pretty cheap on amazon! Anyways these characters are the Arabian Knights because they are a combination of inspiration from the Arabian nights/Arabian outfits and medieval knight armor! Hope you like them!

These are some of the weapons the Arabian Knight mercenaries use. These, like their armor, are inspired by Arabian/medieval weapons.

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