Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Henry David Thoreau Portrait

This is a traditional oil painting that I did this past semester! I was mostly focusing on pushing my process and and making my final strong! I was also messing around with different materials. I painted this on gessoed watercolor paper on medium density fiber board where I used markers as a base and then went in with some acrylic paint and then over it again in oils. I basically rendered and painted it three times but I think it was worth it! It went pretty quickly and I am happy with the result!:D

PS I am going to upload a better picture when I can! This picture doesn't do it justice. :/

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Marcos A. Castro said...

Please Tyler, have you got a good resolution image of your Thoreau portrait?

I want any portrait of Thorau to illustrated an entry on my blog.


Marcos (www.observatorioredes.blogspot.com)