Friday, June 24, 2011

Back at Hasbro!

So I am back at Hasbro for another internship doing intellectual property development which ranges from character design to environments to logo design to some story elements plus a lot more. My department's focus is mainly on the entertainment side of Hasbro aka their movies, tv shows and video games which is awesome! I love working here! The people/environment make it a really fun place to work at. Plus I get discounts on Nerf guns and other hasbro toys! ftw :) So I am out in Rhode Island now and the first few pictures are of me and my buddy Justin driving out here.

More art work coming soon! :D


Carolyn said...

That's awesome, I need an internship like that

Kassandra Heller said...

oh dang! Have fun at Hasbro!

Tyler Scarlet said...

Thank ya!! :D