Friday, June 24, 2011

Back at Hasbro!

So I am back at Hasbro for another internship doing intellectual property development which ranges from character design to environments to logo design to some story elements plus a lot more. My department's focus is mainly on the entertainment side of Hasbro aka their movies, tv shows and video games which is awesome! I love working here! The people/environment make it a really fun place to work at. Plus I get discounts on Nerf guns and other hasbro toys! ftw :) So I am out in Rhode Island now and the first few pictures are of me and my buddy Justin driving out here.

More art work coming soon! :D

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Artwork Showings

Recently the College for Creative Studies had their annual end of the year art exhibit and I had over twenty pieces up on a wall! It was awesome! Sadly they already took it down but if you are in the area you can head out to the Summerset Mall where one of my pieces is still up for another week along with a some of my fellow CCS illustration buddies! It is definitely worth checking it out! :D


I went out to California a few weeks ago and visited a bunch of studios/met up with a lot of amazing people! It was awesome! I rented a car and ended up driving up to San Francisco from LA and back in two days! It was craazy! Thanks to everyone who took the time to talk to me/let me stay at their house! :D I can't wait to go and adventure some more out in California!

PS. The first pictures are of Ninja Warrior that me and friends ended up being in the audience of. The third picture is of the waterfall in Eaton Park that I hiked to. The fourth one is above the Hollywood sign that I hiked up to twice in one day. The fifth and sixth pictures are of the beach in Daly city and ended up hiking all the way down to the beach. And the final one is me eating ramen in Little Tokyo in LA. :D

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Reed Gunther On Sale Today!

My buddies Chris Houghton and Shane Houghton's comic comes out today nation wide brought to you my Image Comics! It is an awesome comic definitely worth checking out! The artwork and writing is very entertaining and would be good for both young and old! I have found them really addicting! They will be coming out monthly starting today so keep checking up on them!

For more information you can go to! :D