Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sketchbook Pro!

Soooo my motherboard in my laptop died about four or five days ago.. soooo I have been unable to use photoshop sooo I have been using Sketchbook Pro 2010!! yay! It is kind of challenging to learn a new program especially after relaying almost solely on photoshop for my digital rendering for the last 4 or so years.. But it is always fun to experiment and learn new software! It really isn't too bad after you get over the first little bit of suffering! Above are some my first real tries at using sketchbook pro that I have done since my laptop died! I have been experimenting with their brush creator and making some interesting brushes! It has been pretty sweet and I am getting more and more comfortable with the program!

I would really encourage everyone to at least mess around a little with the brush creator in whatever program you are using! I have really only recently been going all out and making my own brush sets. I feel like it helps make your work become truly all of your own and makes it more unique! I have been enjoying making new brushes and experimenting! I feel the brushes I have been making really help me do what I want to do with my work! Good luck! If anyone needs help with creating brushes in photoshop or Sketchbook Pro or about anything at all feel free to email! --> tscarlet (at)

Side note: Luckily I am getting my laptops motherboard replaced this week because I have 3 months left on my four year warranty! How lucky is that! ha! I definitely thought that it was up! cuttin it kinda close! :)

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