Friday, March 9, 2012

Studies and Studying!

I have recently been doing a ton of studies! From people to animals to architecture, I have been trying to make my subject matter as diverse as possible! It has been awesome and has really helped me improve my artwork and take me to the next level! I encourage everyone to really take an hour or two away from your portfolio pieces and do some studies once in a while! No matter what field of art you are it. It only makes sense. Increasing your knowledge of a subject matter will increase how well you paint it. How are you supposed to render armor if you have never rendered real armor before! You have to study, analyse and learn about these subjects as you are working on them or before. I know its painful and you just want to make some amazing pieces right now but you will save yourself some time and pain by doing them now! It will only help you improve and make those amazing pieces sooner!

I have also been reading and researching a lot! You can get a lot of cheap books at salvation army stores and other thrift and used books stores as well as flea markets (even randomly at re-sellers like Marshalls and T.J.Max)! You can easily start expanding your library for almost nothing! It is really helpful to read and learn about the subjects you are painting and rendering!It can help you add a degree of believably to your work and can give you ideas on things to exaggerate or enhance. Also using books instead of online photo researching will help make your influences more obscure and make your work look more original! National Geographic have subscriptions for only $15 which is pretty sweet! I recently resubscribed!

Some books that you should buy online thought are Color and Light by James Gurney and Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre! They are both really good books and I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants increase their knowledge of rendering light and composition! I have been learning a lot from them! :D

Anyways hopes this helps to encourage people to do these things more! I thought doing studies was kind of a waste for a long time but now my eyes have been open to how truly beneficial doing studies and studying can be! Good luck!


Adele Hawkins said...

You speak the truth, sir! Books are awesome, as I am lately rediscovering. The studies are looking good, Thanks for the pointers!

Tyler Scarlet said...

No problem! They will be a pain if you ever move but they are awesome ha ha! But Im glad it was helpful! Thanks for stopping by! I'm sure Ill have other tutorials and etc soon! :D