Monday, October 22, 2012


Here are some studies that I did a little while ago! The armor sketches are from drawing at the Detroit Institute of Art in person! Its always really fun to study them up close and really understand how the armor is fitting together. Also some of the renderings are from pictures I took of the armor at the DIA. I just found out that there are few pictures online (here) of some of the armor thats at the DIA (there are a lot more if you go in person). The nice thing about taking pictures of the armor yourself is that you get reflections that are a little bit more realistic to what they would be outside in real life compared to clean shots of armor with white surroundings/reflections.
These animal sketches were done at the Detroit Zoo! I have always been interested in animals and love drawing creatures which seems to fit hand in hand. These sadly were from a bit a go when I went with my buddy Justin back when I had a zoo membership (Which I need to renew!!). Hopefully I will be going back soon! Its a lot of fun!

Anyways more coming soon!

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