Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Transformers Prime - Orion Pax Design

I am excited to finally be able to show these! These are the designs that I did for Orion Pax for Hasbro's Transformers Prime TV show while I was interning at Hasbro in 2010! Orion Pax is Optimus Prime before he became a Prime when he was back on Cybertron. It was a challenging project because there wasn't much to go off of since the last time someone saw this character was in the 80s. Also it really fun because it was an opportunity to really push myself and get better at design. I was lucky enough to have a really great mentor that helped push me to keep advancing the design and making it better! Hope you guys like it! I will have to post the clip of him from the show! This was only the beginning stages so he has change quite a bit since these. Hopefully I will be able to post some of my other work from Hasbro eventually! Thanks!


James M. Biggie said...

These are FANTASTIC! I could look at concept art all day long.

Tyler Scarlet said...

Thank you! :D